September 16, 2022

LORD OF THE ORINGS (CVE-2022-3203): Vulnerability Analysis of an Industrial Access Point

Lorenzo Bazzana, Marino Miculan (MADS lab, University of Udine)Michele Codutti (Danieli Automation) Operation Technology, i.e. the hardware and software that monitor and control industrial equipment, assets, processes and events, is required to respect high standards of security and reliability. Unfortunately, the analysis and security assessment of OT is less mature than that of Information Technology. In fact, products and components […]

October 16, 2019

IT MATTERS starts!

The kick-off meeting of the PRIN 2017 project “IT MATTERS” has been in Pisa, on October 14. About 40 people have gathered, from the universities of Pisa, Udine, Camerino, the IMT of Lucca, the GSSI of L’Aquila and the CNR. The project is about trustworthiness of “smart systems”, so the MADS lab will have the […]