Students can carry out thesis and trainings in the MADS lab., and in collaboration with the industrial partners. The main topics are:

  1. formal systems, models & tools for concurrency: process calculi, computer aided formal reasoning;
  2. distributed systems & technologies: web applications, web services, frameworks of intelligent agents, mobile systems, distributed storage, Peer-to-Peer.

Below are listed some general thesis/internships proposals but we are always open to new ideas:  if you have any idea related to distributed systems, let’s talk about it.

The work aims to study and develop tools and techniques for integrating orchestration with existing programming languages and frameworks leveraging properties of host environment such as native type checkers.
Decentralized load balancing and resource allocation.
Resource optimization, throughput maximization, response time minimization etc. are central topics in system design and development, especially in the case of distributed systems. They are even more challenging in decentralized, heterogeneous or ubiquitous systems. The proposal aims to investigate the topic by studying, implementing, improving, and evaluating existing approaches as long as developing original solutions, formally and experimentally.
Network and service design and evaluation tools.
The work aims to study and develop tools and techniques for atomizing the tasks of designing, evaluating, and certificate service networks providing, for instance, network topology and service configuration for optimizing availability, resilience and consistency among others.