November 7, 2018

Internship at Electrolux GC&T: ” Anomaly detection in embedded electronic systems”

In the IoT era, household appliances play a relevant role inside connectivity ecosystems thanks their diffusion on the market and their potential in terms of computational power compared to simple sensors. More than that a specific focus is on connectible appliances exploitation as a channel for cloud resourced applications. Connectible appliance has to be considered as an embedded electronic system with the typical computational capability of a household appliance plus a communication node.

The goal of this internship is to design and develop suitable techniques to monitor specific processes of the above mentioned embedded system (in particular the communication node), in order to promptly detect anomalies caused by unexpected faults or external attacks. Your research tasks will be integrated with running projects aimed at developing and validating solutions in the field of electronic embedded systems.

Main duties:

  • Literature review
  • Experimental phase:
  • Reference HW-FW analysis, Process characterization
  • Design of a potential solution
  • Development on a reference HW and FW
  • Final report.

The student will carry over the research tasks in Electrolux facility (GC&T Porcia (Pn)), under the responsibility of an academic scientific reference and an Electrolux tutor, within the collaboration between University of Udine and Electrolux.

If interested, contact Marino Miculan via email.